The company under the name “PALO DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY“, seated in Athens Greece, 9 Chavriou Street, with no. G.E.MI. 115334437000, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, created the website www.palowise.ai, hereinafter referred to as the “Website” and offers the services of Palowise Platform, Palowise Analytics, Email Alerting, Mamalytics, Palowise Trends and Influencers Evaluation & Analysis, hereinafter referred to as the “Services”. The operation of the Website and the Services are governed by the following terms of use, which the Visitor/ User is requested to read carefully and only on condition that he fully accepts them to proceed with the visit and use of the Website and Services. Therefore, the use of the Website, the completion of the registration process to the Services, as well as the use of the Services, implies the full and unconditional acceptance by the Visitor / User of the Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use may be reviewed and updated at any time. Visitors/Users are kindly requested to check the Terms of Use at regular intervals and especially before proceeding to any action based on the information, Services or procedures included.

  1. The entire content of the Website and Services, including indicatively but not restrictively hardware, software services, images, graphics, designs, texts and generally all files, with the exception of explicitly recognized rights of third parties, are intellectual property of the Company and are governed by national and international provisions, conventions and treaties on Intellectual Property. It is absolutely forbidden to reproduce, copy, republish, modify, communicate, transmit, translate, adapt, or any other transformation of any material, service or software found on the Website and Services, without prior written permission of the Company. Exceptionally, individual storage and copying of parts of the material on a simple personal computer of the Visitor / User is allowed for strictly personal and non-commercial use. For any other content of the Website and Services that is a registered trademark, company name or intellectual property of third parties, the latter are responsible.
  2. It is forbidden to use the Website and the Services for any illegal purpose, or in any way contrary to the Law and morality, or in a way that is not consistent with these terms of use. The above prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the use of the Website and Services in a way that violates the rights of third parties, restricts or prevents the use of the Website and Services by third parties, any illegal behavior that violates the privacy or publishes personal data of third parties, the transmission of obscene or offensive content, the transmission of material containing viruses or other harmful programs, the transmission of material protected by intellectual property rights, the attempt to bypass the user identification process and generally the security measures of the Website and Services, etc. Also, the Company does not bear any responsibility for any access via the internet to information, goods and services that may be contrary to the law, morality or are inappropriate for certain categories of persons (eg minors).
  3. The Visitor / User can get to know the capabilities of the Company’s Services, by gaining access to a Demo account of the platform, filling in the necessary fields on the Website and providing a corporate email and contact phone. The Demo account is equivalent to a trial use of the Services and will remain active for three (3) days after activation. After the expiration of the above deadline, the username and password given to the Visitor / User will be deactivated, the trial use of the Services will be interrupted and the Demo account will become inactive. Each Visitor / User may activate only one Demo account.
  4. If the Visitor / User wishes to subscribe to the Services provided for a fee, he/she must complete the registration process by concluding with the Company the relevant Private Agreement with the specific terms that will be agreed therein, providing the current, complete and accurate information that will be requested. The Company, depending on the package of Services chosen by the Visitor / User, may provide him with a username and password for his access to the Services. The Visitor / User must protect the password that will be given to him and bears full responsibility for the proper use of the Services both by himself and by third parties. He is solely responsible for any activity carried out under his Account and agrees to notify the Company as soon as he becomes aware of any unauthorized use of the Services or other breach of security.
  5. Services are business tools. The Visitor / User must use the Services exclusively for purposes related to his profession or business.
  6. The content and functionality of the Services may change from time to time. In this context, the channels and the data from which is drawn for the provision of the Services may change e. some channels and data may be removed and/or new ones may be added. Any such change is at the discretion of the Company, which will ensure that the functionality or performance of the Services will not be substantially reduced. All Visitors/Users are responsible for any use of any material extracted or downloaded from the Services.
  7. The Company is not responsible for the content, goods or services of websites and other channels including social media to which the Website/Services refer, through links, nor does it guarantee their availability or security. For any problem that may arise during the visit of the above websites and channels including social media, the responsibility lies solely with their beneficiaries. The reference to other websites and social media is provided solely for the convenience of the Visitor / User and does not contain or imply any form of commitment or guarantee. The Visitor / User understands and agrees that he / she may be exposed to third party content that is inaccurate or/ and inappropriate for children or otherwise unsuitable for its purpose. The Visitor / User must comply with the Terms of Use of the websites and services referred to by the Website and Services.
  8. The information contained on the website and relating to the Company itself, its customers and the goods and services provided are available “as is”, without any express or not warranty, indicatively and not restrictively, including the guarantees of merchantability, suitability and quality. The Visitor / User uses the website at his own risk. The Company makes every effort to provide high quality services, however in no case does it guarantees the uninterrupted and error-free provision of the above services and contents, the absence of “viruses” or any form of files that can cause damage and the assurance of full functionality, accuracy and reliability of the provided material. The Company is in no way responsible for any direct or indirect damage to the Visitor / User, from the use of the Website and the Services. All any individual information from the Website and the Services relating to the description of goods and services shall be delivered to the Company by the relevant providers of such goods and services, who are fully responsible for complying with the provisions of all relevant laws and regulations (including, indicatively, the legislation on press, protection of intellectual or industrial property and consumer protection) and are liable civilly and criminally about the content, legality and accuracy of the information they provide. The Company is limited to their transmission and analysis through the Website and Services and does not bear any responsibility.
  9. This text contains all the Terms under which the Company makes the Website and Services available to Visitors/Users. The above Terms, as well as any modification or change thereof, are governed by the applicable Greek and European law. Any provision of the above Terms is found to be contrary to the above mentioned legal framework or becomes unenforceable, automatically ceases to apply and is considered to have been removed from this text, without affecting the validity of the other terms.
  10. For any matter related to the operation and management of the Website and Services, the Visitor / User may contact the Company at [email protected]
  11. Regarding the processing of personal data of the Visitor / User, you can refer to the relevant section of the information on data processing by the Company by following the following link www.palowise.ai and to the Company’s Cookies Policy, following the following link www.palowise.ai