The #1 Analytics Tool for Social Media Marketing

Palowise offers social media analytics tools that can help you navigate the vast amount of information available on social media and extract valuable insights for your business.

Sophisticated Social Media Analytics Tool

Palowise provides a comprehensive set of social media analytics tools that can assist you in understanding and interpreting data from various perspectives. We use one of the most widely-used business intelligence tools, Power BI from Microsoft, to quickly transform data into actionable insights. With our tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of your brand, industry, and audience in just a few minutes.

Get Right Into the Metrics You Need

Palowise’s social media analytics allows you to access real-time data from all your social media channels with ease. Whether you want to track the performance of your content or simply stay informed about your social media presence, our user-friendly dashboards provide the perfect solution. These dashboards are designed to be straightforward and easy to use, making it simple to stay on top of your social media metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Earned and Owned Social Media Data

Our platform offers an analysis of both earned and owned social media data, providing you with a comprehensive view of your business. This allows you to make more informed decisions by identifying what strategies are working and which ones need improvement. With our insights, you can adapt your approach and optimize your social media efforts to achieve better results.

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Palowise Platform

Elevate your strategy with Palowise! Take advantage of our award-winning AI tool.

Email Alerting

A PR crisis can start with almost anything, including a misspelled word, a poorly understood graphic, or an offensive joke. With alerts, you can reply fast, eliminating or fixing any issues.

Influencers Evaluation & Analysis

If you are building out an influencer program, or already have one in place, and you are working (or intend to work) with social media influencers, you need to evaluate their work first.Identifying the right social media influencers for your brand is the foundation of a successful partnership and a successful influencer program.

Why Palowise?

  • #1:Use the industry's top artificial intelligence to handle the heavy work for you and gain insights in minutes.
  • #2:Receive an alert if something major occurs near your customer.
  • #3:Identify the influencers, material, and messaging required to generate success in real-time.
  • #4:Manage cross-channel campaigns with multidisciplinary groups and infinite channels.
  • #5:Monitor engagement and sentiment to get valuable insights.
  • #6:Monitor trending topics of discussion among users.