Influencer Analytics

An influencer marketing agency, The Self, conducted a survey that found that 65% of companies currently use influencer campaigns and 92% of customers prefer to see promotions from people they don’t personally know instead of from brands themselves. In order to measure the success of these campaigns and find the right influencers to target specific audiences, it’s important to use influencer analytics tools. Palowise is a great option for brands and agencies that work with influencers and want to improve their performance reporting. We have helped many clients in South-Eastern Europe find the right influencers for their campaigns and effectively track their progress by using key performance indicators, engagement metrics, sentiment analysis, and topic analysis

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Key advantages of Palowise’s Influencer Analytics Tool

Assess Influencers Pre-Campaign

Use Palowise’s Influencer Analytics Tool to audit influencer performance before your campaign to verify Engagement Rate and Interactions so you can set data-led campaign KPI’s and targets..

In depth understanding of the audience and audience demographics

Palowise’s Influencer Analytics Tool provides an in-depth analysis of the influencers’ and their audience’s interests, demographics, and characteristics. Finding the right audience and influencer has never been easier.

Market Benchmarking

Palowise’s Influencer Analytics Tool
Can help you understand how your brand and competitors perform among all influencers in your market and access actionable insights to guide your strategy.

Benefits of Influencer Analytics

Influencer marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of the right people, but it can be tough to navigate all the options out there. That’s where influencer analytics comes in. Consider it as a powerful tool to pinpoint the perfect influencer match for your brand and efficiently allocate your marketing budget.

Here are some of the ways influencer analytics can help you level up your influencer marketing game:

Benefit #1:

Find the right influencer by matching their audience with your target market. No more guessing who will be the best fit for your brand.

Benefit #2: Effective influencer budget spending

Using influencer analytics tools to identify the right influencers aligned with your brand value saves you countless man-hours and resources. This will save you from spending your marketing budget on the manual execution of influencer marketing.

Benefit #3: Analyze the competition

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and compare your own progress to create better influencer marketing strategies.

Benefit #4: Make data-driven decisions

Leverage in-depth analytics to track progress, analyze influencer success, and improve future campaigns.

Other Capabilities of Palowise’s Influencer Analytics Tool

Social Listening

Social listening allows the user to structure the data generated daily on the web, which enables a brand, company, or individual to go in-depth into what is being said about each one of them over the Internet. By enabling this service, you will have transparency over massive amounts of unstructured data.

Competition Analysis

Improve your Products and Services. Identify market gaps and anticipate customer needs and expectations, as well as your competitors' upcoming improvements.

Sentiment Analysis

Emotions play a huge factor in purchasing decisions. Gain insights into how audiences perceive your or the competitor’s products, services, and brand, and translate the audience's’ behavior to actionable business data.

Digital Footprint

It is critical to invest in your digital footprint as more than 90% of consumers use digital platforms to find businesses. Our data shows that 58.4% of internet users make a purchase online every week and this number is continually growing.

Sponsorship Evaluation

Sponsorship evaluation is an essential process for businesses seeking to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. By measuring the effectiveness of sponsorships, companies can make informed decisions and improve their return on investment (ROI).


In today’s world, social media has become an important platform for moms, especially new ones, to seek advice and share their experiences related to babies. As a result, it’s crucial for companies to monitor online discussions, reviews, and search data to gain...

Social Inteligence

Analysis of data from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok is known as social intelligence. To assist firms in making better data-driven decisions, these are frequently used in conjunction with conventional reporting and business intelligence techniques.

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is all about staying on top of the conversation and getting the inside scoop on what people are really saying about you or your clients. It’s like having a spy in the room, giving you valuable insights into customer feedback that you can use to make better decisions for your business.

Consumer Intelligence

Why are consumers choosing your competitors’ products and not yours? To understand why this is happening, companies use Consumer Intelligence, which is a method of gathering information about consumer behavior and preferences.

Social Analytics

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, technology and social media platforms are constantly evolving, which can make it challenging for businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

Brand Equity Measurement

Brand equity is a critical component of a company’s overall competitive strategy, as it represents the value that a brand adds to its products or services in the eyes of the consumer.

Tracking Analysis

In today’s data-driven world, it is essential for businesses to track and analyze the vast amounts of data that are constantly being generated. By utilizing data tracking, companies can gain valuable insights that can help them identify trends, optimize processes, and make more informed decisions.

Trend Analysis

Trend analysis is all about understanding what’s driving consumer behavior and being able to respond to their needs in the most effective way possible. By keeping an eye on trends, you can anticipate what your customers might want before they even know they want it.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is important for businesses to have in place, especially in case of unexpected events, such as crises or pandemics! A good reputation managemeny strategy includes using tools to gather data & insights about mentions of the company, competitors, and related entities.

Political Analysis

Political analysis is becoming more important in today’s digital age as technology allows for the collection and analysis of a large amount of data from online sources. These tools can be used to gain a deeper understanding of political actors, their motivations, and the potential outcomes of their actions.

PR Crisis

In the world of business, PR crises can happen unexpectedly and cause significant damage to a company’s reputation. That’s why having a solid PR crisis management plan in place is essential for any business that wants to survive and thrive in the long run.

Campaign Evaluation

Campaign evaluation is crucial for businesses to assess the effectiveness of their marketing and PR efforts. By using a campaign evaluation tool, companies can track and analyze their campaigns, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions that lead to better results. Studies show that businesses using such tools see an average 30% increase in ROI.

FAQ about Influencer Analytics

What is Influencer Analytics?

Influencer analytics refers to the data and insights obtained by evaluating an influencer’s key performance indicators (KPIs). By analyzing these KPIs, along with topic and sentiment analysis, brands can gain a better understanding of how their influencer campaigns are performing on the web and social media. Some examples of influencer analytics include analyzing an Instagram influencer’s performance, or gathering insights on a TikTok campaign through analyzing the metrics of TikTok influencers.

What is an Influencer Analytics Tool?

To make influencer marketing effective and generate a return on investment, it’s important to gather insights about the influencers, or content creators you are working with. Influencer analytics tools can help by collecting important data and statistics, providing insights into the content, and identifying the best-performing posts, tweets, or stories. These tools can also measure and evaluate the engagement of influencers with their audience, which can help you determine the success of your campaign.

Influencer analytics tools allow you to identify accounts with a large number of followers and compare post activity such as likes, shares, and comments. The tool also provides detailed analysis of engagement metrics, topic and sentiment analysis which can be helpful for your campaign.

What are the elements of a successful Influencer Analysis?

As more companies engage in influencer marketing, it can be challenging to choose the right influencer for a specific product or campaign and track the success of the campaign.

The key is to conduct thorough research when selecting an influencer. Simply looking at the number of followers is not enough; other qualitative criteria such as the relevance and interests of the influencer should also be taken into account. Influencer analysis using these criteria will help in making the right choice for the campaign.

To summarize, the elements of a successful influencer analysis are:

Relevance :

It refers to the audience of the influencer. More specifically, it examines if the audience is similar to the company’s target audience. Does the audience of the influencer share the same interests, characteristics, demographics, and more with the target market?

Resonance :

Content about products or services is generated by users and influencers every minute worldwide. People use this content to review companies. Does the influencer love your products, and does their audience use your products? People engage with authentic content, and influencers love working with products they love and use, which can lead to a successful influencer campaign.

Ιnfluencer analytics involves researching to identify the most effective influencer to collaborate with in order to promote products or services. By analyzing engagement metrics, sentiment, and topic analysis, influencer analytics can provide real-time data on the success of an influencer marketing campaign. This information can be used to identify the most suitable influencer for a particular campaign and to measure the effectiveness of the collaboration

How can Influencer Analytics help a company grow?

In today’s digital age, an enormous amount of data is produced every second about brands and products, on the web and social media. Data efficiency and transparency are crucial for companies to make informed decisions. When it comes to influencer marketing initiatives, managers may struggle to organize and analyze the data to measure the success of their campaigns. A vital step in planning any influencer campaign is to conduct a thorough analysis that will help measure the return on investment and provide a list of transparent, comparable, and scalable metrics. This will enable your team to improve performance, align influencer campaigns with larger company goals, and objectives.

Influencer analytics can help a company to:

  • find the right influencer for the brand’s goals and marketing vision
  • match product-fit and audience of the influencer
  • target the right audience via original content and an authentic experience
  • successfully measure the influencer marketing initiatives
  • create successful partnerships
  • can help expand to new markets
  • can eventually increase the credibility

Why is Influencer Analytics important?

In today’s digital landscape, brands must compete on social media to maintain their target audience. Influencer marketing and a brand’s social media presence are closely related. To enhance their social media presence, brand managers must focus on analyzing influencer marketing in addition to developing an appropriate influencer strategy. This marketing approach necessitates the use of influencer analytics as it is the only way to measure the success of your campaign. By using influencer analytics tools, it’s easy to find influencers in your niche, which can save time and effort.

Why is Palowise among the best Influencer Analytics Tools in the industry?

Palowise is one of the best influencer analytics tools in the industry, and for good reason. It’s packed with features and capabilities that help you make the most of your influencer marketing efforts. From identifying the right influencers to measuring campaign performance, Palowise has got you covered. Here are some of Palowise’s USPs that make us stand out from the competition:

  • Advanced analytics and machine learning: We use the latest analytics and machine learning techniques to provide actionable insights and predictions, helping you identify the right influencers and channels for your brand.
  • Comprehensive data: We offer a wide range of data sources, including social media, web traffic, and other digital platforms, giving you a comprehensive view of your target audience.
  • Customizable dashboards: Our platform is highly customizable, allowing you to create reports and dashboards that align with your specific business needs.
  • Influencer tracking: Our tools allows you to track the content generated by influencers and understand whether it is converting customers and increasing revenue

Is Influencer Analytics included in the default Palowise pricing plan?

All Services and pricing plan is Tailored to your needs!

All features of Palowise’s platform, combined with the Influencer Analytics tool and our expertise, are taken into consideration to match your brand, industry, and business needs and come up with a suitable pricing plan for you.

What other services does Palowise’s tool include?

Your brand can truly thrive with the help of all the services offered by Palowise. These services are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and the market, so you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Here are some examples of the services that Palowise offers that your brand can benefit from:

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Monitoring public online through PALO pro gave as all the access needed, gathering key insights at any time and real-time insights at our interest. As a social listening tool helped as understand the social game and what people talk about our business and create a sophisticated community management approach. While our goal is to Improve customer satisfaction at any touchpoint Palo Pro gave all the knowledge into action tool to fullfill our zero detractors customer strategy!

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It‘s always nice to work with professionals who enjoy their work. Palo takes it off! High quality services, interaction and open communication, value for money. With Palo we just get everything we need!

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