Palowise Empowers Energy Sector with Groundbreaking Insights using the Earned Media Value

Palowise, the leading provider of web and social intelligence, is revolutionizing the use of Web and SoMe analytics in the energy sector in Greece with groundbreaking insights derived from the EMV, Earned Media Value. Palowise empowers energy sector stakeholders with real-time insights derived from EMV, a key performance indicator that quantifies the value of online conversations and engagements.Through its innovative platform, Palowise offers unprecedented visibility into online conversations, enabling energy companies to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
The energy landscape is rapidly evolving, with consumer preferences, market trends, and regulatory changes shaping the industry’s future. In this dynamic environment, by harnessing the power of EMV, energy companies gain actionable intelligence that drives strategic decision-making and enhances brand performance.
Palowise analyses all energy companies operating in Greece to shape the industry digital universe. The EMV of the sector has risen from €6.62 million in December 2023 to €10.34 million in January 2024. In January, the digital channels that contributed the most value included news sites, forums, blogs, and YouTube, along with all other social media channels. Another intriguing insight from the Palowise platform is that the topics analysis of consumer discussions reveals that consumers’ favorite topics are energy bills and payments, corporate news, energy prices, renewable energy, and infrastructure projects.
“We are excited to offer game-changing insights to the energy sector in Greece through our KPI’s and especially using the Earned Media Value KPI, the SOV (Share of voice) and the topics consumers discuss in the digital ecosystem.” said Panayiotis Tsantilas, CEO of Palowise. “In today’s digital age, understanding online conversations is paramount for success. With Palowise, energy companies can unlock the full potential of their online presence and drive sustainable growth.”
By tapping into the power of EMV, companies can optimize their digital strategies, strengthen brand reputation, and drive business performance in an increasingly competitive market.

Why Palowise?

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