Consumer Intelligence

Why are consumers choosing your competitors’ products and not yours? To understand why this is happening, companies use Consumer Intelligence, which is a method of gathering information about consumer behavior and preferences. This information helps companies identify trends, sources of dissatisfaction, and potential solutions. By listening to the consumer’s voice, companies can make their products and services more appealing. Palowise is a leading Consumer Intelligence Platform in South-Eastern Europe with hundreds of satisfied clients. Palowise has expertise in identifying trends, behaviors, sources, and recommendations based on media and user data generated on the digital landscape with enriched data visualizations and reporting using PowerBi.

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Key advantages of Palowise’s Consumer Intelligence Platform

Make data-driven decisions

Collect and analyze data to gain valuable insights about customers, markets, and industries. The valuable insights contribute to effective and data-driven business decisions to keep up with their customers’ behaviors and trends and ultimately be competitive in the market by considering their customers.

Expand cross-selling and upselling

Optimize your Media Mix Budget by targeting customer segments with similar behaviors. Companies can enhance advertising and communication plans with data to promote cross-selling and upselling products and services to more consumer segments.

Build strong loyalty programs

Companies can utilize Consumer Intelligence to develop personalized marketing and increase customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (using the Sentiment Analysis Tool). Brands and all their departments can benefit from Consumer Intelligence as they can increase customer retention and growth by improving products, communications, and data flows.

Benefits of Consumer Intelligence

If you’re not using consumer intelligence in your business strategy, you’re missing out. Consumer intelligence is all about understanding your target audience and their buying habits. When you know what makes your customers happy, you can give them exactly what they want and watch your profits soar.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out these benefits of consumer intelligence:

Benefit #1:

Get a deeper understanding of your target audience and their preferences

Benefit #2:

Stay ahead of the competition by identifying industry trends and changes

Benefit #3:

Improve your marketing strategies by knowing what messages resonate with your customers

Benefit #4:

Make data-driven decisions by identifying patterns and insights in customer behavior

Benefit #5:

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by understanding their needs and wants

Benefit #6:

Identify new business opportunities by understanding gaps in the market.

So don’t be left behind, start incorporating consumer intelligence into your business plan and watch your success soar.

Other Capabilities of Palowise’s Consumer Intelligence Platform

Social Listening

Social listening allows the user to structure the data generated daily on the web, which enables a brand, company, or individual to go in-depth into what is being said about each one of them over the Internet. By enabling this service, you will have transparency over massive amounts of unstructured data.

Competition Analysis

Improve your Products and Services. Identify market gaps and anticipate customer needs and expectations, as well as your competitors' upcoming improvements.

Sentiment Analysis

Emotions play a huge factor in purchasing decisions. Gain insights into how audiences perceive your or the competitor’s products, services, and brand, and translate the audience's’ behavior to actionable business data.

Digital Footprint

It is critical to invest in your digital footprint as more than 90% of consumers use digital platforms to find businesses. Our data shows that 58.4% of internet users make a purchase online every week and this number is continually growing.

Influencer Analytics

An influencer marketing agency, The Self, conducted a survey that found that 65% of companies currently use influencer campaigns and 92% of customers prefer to see promotions from people they don’t personally know instead of...

Sponsorship Evaluation

Sponsorship evaluation is an essential process for businesses seeking to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. By measuring the effectiveness of sponsorships, companies can make informed decisions and improve their return on investment (ROI).


In today’s world, social media has become an important platform for moms, especially new ones, to seek advice and share their experiences related to babies. As a result, it’s crucial for companies to monitor online discussions, reviews, and search data to gain...

Social Inteligence

Analysis of data from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok is known as social intelligence. To assist firms in making better data-driven decisions, these are frequently used in conjunction with conventional reporting and business intelligence techniques.

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is all about staying on top of the conversation and getting the inside scoop on what people are really saying about you or your clients. It’s like having a spy in the room, giving you valuable insights into customer feedback that you can use to make better decisions for your business.

Social Analytics

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, technology and social media platforms are constantly evolving, which can make it challenging for businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

Brand Equity Measurement

Brand equity is a critical component of a company’s overall competitive strategy, as it represents the value that a brand adds to its products or services in the eyes of the consumer.

Tracking Analysis

In today’s data-driven world, it is essential for businesses to track and analyze the vast amounts of data that are constantly being generated. By utilizing data tracking, companies can gain valuable insights that can help them identify trends, optimize processes, and make more informed decisions.

Trend Analysis

Trend analysis is all about understanding what’s driving consumer behavior and being able to respond to their needs in the most effective way possible. By keeping an eye on trends, you can anticipate what your customers might want before they even know they want it.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is important for businesses to have in place, especially in case of unexpected events, such as crises or pandemics! A good reputation managemeny strategy includes using tools to gather data & insights about mentions of the company, competitors, and related entities.

Political Analysis

Political analysis is becoming more important in today’s digital age as technology allows for the collection and analysis of a large amount of data from online sources. These tools can be used to gain a deeper understanding of political actors, their motivations, and the potential outcomes of their actions.

PR Crisis

In the world of business, PR crises can happen unexpectedly and cause significant damage to a company’s reputation. That’s why having a solid PR crisis management plan in place is essential for any business that wants to survive and thrive in the long run.

Campaign Evaluation

Campaign evaluation is crucial for businesses to assess the effectiveness of their marketing and PR efforts. By using a campaign evaluation tool, companies can track and analyze their campaigns, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions that lead to better results. Studies show that businesses using such tools see an average 30% increase in ROI.

FAQ about Consumer Intelligence

What is Consumer Intelligence?

Consumer intelligence (CI), also known as customer intelligence, is part of the business intelligence. It describes the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about customers. This information is used to understand customer behaviors, preferences, and activities. The goal of consumer intelligence is to improve customer relationships and support better decision making within a business. By collecting and analyzing data about customers, companies can gain insights that can help them improve their products, services and marketing strategies.

What is a Consumer Intelligence Platform?

A Consumer Intelligence Platform (CIP) is an efficient audience data management software that tracks, collects, identifies, and analyzes multiple data sources on the web and social media, linking billions of data points to uncover insights that lead to better business decisions. A CIP utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze sources of structured and unstructured consumer intelligence data across industries to give answers and solutions to your business by accessing numerous data (active or passive data) generated by the Internet and social media users.

Why is Consumer Intelligence important for a business?

Consumer intelligence allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and customers by analyzing detailed data from various sources in the digital environment. In today’s marketplace, price is not the only factor that influences purchasing decisions. Customers are increasingly considering the relevance of a brand, its image, and their overall experience with it. Consumers interact with many brands in the digital environment, where they generate data through their actions. Over the past five years, social media users have grown by 68.1%, and this trend is expected to continue, with an estimated average growth rate of 5% by 2027 (Oberlo, 2022). Consumer Intelligence advantages include:

  1. Quantification and qualification of essential data
  2. Provides valuable information that can improve the customer experience
  3. Find sources of inspiration for new products, features, and business operations optimization, such as delivery, orders, and so much more.
  4. Develop a more detailed customer segmentation
  5. Target niche markets more effectively
  6. Improve customer communications processes or journeys

How can a Consumer Intelligence Platform help a company grow?

A company can leverage the power of a Consumer Intelligence Platform to maintain its competitiveness and succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment, where consumers hold significant influence.

Consumer Intelligence benefits can include:

  • A better understanding of consumers and customers and what makes a high-value customer
  • Improvement of their products and services
  • Data-driven insights that contribute to effective business decisions, such as for products, services, campaigns, or even as a preemptive measure for crisis
  • Improvement of cross-selling or up-selling digital marketing strategies from further customer segmentation
  • Better knowledge of how to engage with at-risk customers

Athenian Brewery used our Consumer Intelligence platform to investigate the root cause of a crisis that arose from a marketing campaign. By analyzing the data, the company was able to gain valuable insights and a clearer understanding of its customers’ behavior in the market.

Additionally, a Consumer Intelligence platform can be used to conduct market research to identify influencers who are well-suited to promoting a company’s products or services to a specific target customer group on different social media or content creation platforms.

How can a Consumer Intelligence Platform help a company’s marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy that incorporates data from a Consumer Intelligence Platform can help a company make decisions that will lead to growth and increased sales. For example, it can help the company understand why customers are choosing a competitor’s product over theirs, or what topics are most relevant to customers on different platforms. By incorporating this information into its marketing strategy, a company can create more effective campaigns and strategies that better meet the needs and wants of its customers. A Consumer Intelligence-based marketing strategy can also aid a business in being more data-driven and thus more business intelligent. It can help the company to understand more about its customers and markets and make more informed decisions.

More specifically a CIP can help:

  • Improve marketing plans
  • Inspire new products or improvements just by listening to your consumers
  • Target new market niches
  • Improve Consumer knowledge and segmentation over media. You don’t expect to find the same audience on Reddit and Facebook, right?
  • Optimize budget spend over Media Mixes by identifying marketing platforms that will target each customer segment efficiently
  • Enhance corporate communication processes and enhance advertising that speaks to the customers
  • Provide flexibility to meet all the new needs of consumers

What’s the Difference between Consumer Insights and Consumer Intelligence?

Consumer Insights and Consumer Intelligence work together, but they have distinct definitions.

Consumer Insights help understand the reasons and motivations behind customer behavior and can lead to actionable results.

Consumer Intelligence, on the other hand, answers questions about how, what and where customer behavior is taking place, using data collected from customers and audiences. In simpler terms, Consumer Intelligence is the process of collecting and analyzing data that leads to the creation of insights, which in turn can drive results.

What’s the Difference between Consumer Intelligence and Market Research

Market research is a process that involves collecting data through surveys, polls, and focus groups to gain insight into customer preferences, specifically related to your company, products, and strategies. In recent years, the market has undergone significant changes and is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, making it difficult for traditional market research methods to keep up with the changes in consumer behavior. Additionally, word of mouth has moved online, now referred to as electronic word of mouth (eWOM), which has further complicated the market research process.

Market research and Consumer Intelligence are closely related, but they have distinct goals and methods. Market research focuses on gathering data and insights about specific products, companies, and strategies, while Consumer Intelligence is more comprehensive, and considers the entire customer journey as well as the broader market landscape. Consumer Intelligence incorporates AI technology and digital landscape analysis to uncover complex and nuanced insights about customers. As consumers interact with hundreds of brands every day, this type of intelligence can deliver data in real-time and provide a deeper understanding of the market and consumers. Consumer Intelligence, when performed correctly, combines both the human and AI elements, to provide a holistic analysis, which is known as Consumer and Market Intelligence.

Why is Palowise among the best Consumer Intelligence Platforms in the industry?

Palowise is a leading social intelligence platform that brings added value through the Consumer Intelligence capabilities that companies need to scale , and here’s why:

  • Palowise has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to access and analyze data.
  • Palowise offers a variety of data sources, including social media, surveys, and other market research tools, giving you a comprehensive view of your target audience.
  • Palowise uses advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to provide actionable insights and predictions.
  • Palowise’s team of experts are available to help you with data interpretation and strategy development.
  • Palowise’s platform is highly customizable, allowing you to create reports and dashboards that align with your specific business needs.
  • Palowise’s pricing plans are flexible, and their customer support is always available to assist you.

So, if you want to stay ahead of the game in the consumer intelligence space, Palowise is the way to go. We won’t let you down!

Is Consumer Intelligence included in the default Palowise pricing plan?

Palowise’s services and pricing plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual brand and industry.

The platform’s features and Consumer Intelligence capabilities are evaluated in conjunction with the specific needs of the business to develop a pricing plan that is tailored to each individual client. This means that each client is provided with a customized plan that is optimized for their business, industry, and budget.

What other services does Palowise’s platform include?

Your brand can truly thrive with the help of all the services offered by Palowise. These services are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and the market, so you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Here are some examples of the services that Palowise offers that your brand can benefit from:

I’m interested in receiving a quote from Palowise. What are the next steps?

  • Unlock the full potential of your brand with Palowise's consumer intelligence services.
  • Our Consumer Intelligence experts will guide you through
  • Understanding your business needs and what would you like to achieve
  • Give a demonstration of the platform
  • Developing the right solution for your business
  • Setting up your account

Why Palowise?

  • #1:Our customer service is exceptional.
  • #2:Our social listening abilities are phenomenal.
  • #3:Dashboards on our platform are automated and customizable.
  • #4:Our solutions are specifically designed for your brand and your needs.
  • #5:We have exceptional data coverage.
  • #6:Going above and beyond has always been the goal of Palowise.

What our Clients say about us.

Palowise delivered useful data and insights for our needs and projects, they helped identify & map market needs, trends, and consumer attitudes. We would recommend Palowise’s Web to any organization seeking a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Alex Manos CEO & Founder

Monitoring public online through PALO pro gave as all the access needed, gathering key insights at any time and real-time insights at our interest. As a social listening tool helped as understand the social game and what people talk about our business and create a sophisticated community management approach. While our goal is to Improve customer satisfaction at any touchpoint Palo Pro gave all the knowledge into action tool to fullfill our zero detractors customer strategy!

Ioannis Kamilakis Marketing Director

It‘s always nice to work with professionals who enjoy their work. Palo takes it off! High quality services, interaction and open communication, value for money. With Palo we just get everything we need!

Sophia Stamou Communication Manager