8 Feelings Wheel Analysis

The Plutchik Model of Emotions, also known as the 8 Feelings Wheel, is a simple and logical way to understand emotions. This model presents emotions as an emotion wheel, which allows exploring different emotions, and a deeper understanding of each one through a comprehensive emotions list.

8 Feelings Wheel Analysis in Social Intelligence

The 8 Feelings Wheel is a valuable tool in the field of social intelligence, allowing us to understand the emotions conveyed in online content such as social media posts or reviews. By utilizing sentiment analysis and emotion analysis tools, we are able to identify the dominant emotions present in a given dataset and classify them according to the 8 Feelings Wheel, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the emotions being expressed.

For instance, a business might employ the 8 Feelings Wheel to evaluate customer feedback on its products and services to comprehend their feelings towards the company and its offerings. By recognizing patterns and trends in the emotions conveyed in the feedback, the company can gain insight into what customers appreciate and disapprove of its products and how it can make enhancements.

In general, the 8 Feelings Wheel can be an efficient instrument in emotional intelligence for assisting organizations in comprehending and examining the emotions of their patrons and other parties involved, and to utilize this information to make informed business decisions and enhance customer satisfaction.

How Palowise uses 8 Feelings Wheel

For us at Palowise, the 8 Feelings Wheel is one of the tools we use to optimize emotional intelligence and sentiment analysis projects. By evaluating the emotions conveyed in digital content, such as social media posts and reviews, we are able to assist our clients in building stronger connections with their customers and gaining a deeper understanding of other stakeholders.

To apply the 8 Feelings Wheel, firstly we collect and examine a set of online content that is pertinent to our client, such as tweets or product reviews. We then employ a blend of automated sentiment analysis tools and manual analysis to determine the prominent emotions present in the data set. After we have classified the emotions using the 8 Feelings Wheel, we present our clients with a report that illustrates the main trends and patterns that we have identified.

The use of the 8 Feelings Wheel allows our clients to have a deeper comprehension of the emotions of their customers and other relevant parties. They can then use this information to make more informed and well-documented business decisions and to enhance customer satisfaction.

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